Over the years ALTON has accompanied many clients in establishing their U.S. limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, and paved the way for their business success. ALTON assists its clients with a LLC or corporation who would like to do business in Germany, as well plan their company’s success in the U.S. market.  LLCs and corporations offer advantages as in both cases:

  • both company entities (a LLC and a corporation) can be formed anonymously in Florida, requires no starting capital, and also can be founded by an individual
  • both types of companies protect the private capital of the founder
  • with a LLC and a corporation someone can also have a business exclusively outside the U.S.

ALTON does all the paperwork in the founding process. Generally within 10 days our clients can be sure that a company has been established. You can then take advantage of the benefits offered with a corporation and a LLC.  ALTON allows a fast and optimal corporate launch for entrepreneurs in the U.S., Germany or elsewhere in the world.

And we are also there for you later when you need us. Visit our web site about Business Consulting and see for yourself some additional services we offer entrepreneurs in the United States. Or, use our Office Services for start a LLC or corporation when the business will not have any operations in the United States.