Maximilian Karagöz

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Maximilian Karagöz is the CEO at ALTON. He was also appointed as Notary Public by the Governor in Florida.

His activities in the free economy and in politics allowed him to build up a valuable network of industry representatives. Mr. Karagöz has been leading our company since 2005 and can assist you based on his knowledge and long-term experience.

Florian Schweinle

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After his studies at the LMU in Munich, Florian Schweinle gained his first professional experience in Sales and Real Estate Consulting. In 2011, he moved to the USA where he founded and led his own transport company in Miami, Florida.

Since his return to Germany, in the beginning of 2018, he has been working as an advisor in our Team in Wiesbaden and supports our customers based on his own practical experience regarding the US-Market entry.

Sandra Johne

Administration - Wiesbaden
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Sandra Johne is oftentimes the first point of contact for existing customers at ALTON. Our customers value without exception her high competence.

Ms. Johne has been working for ALTON since 2014. Her extensive and long-term professional experience at our US-American headquarter in Miami, allowed her to acquire a wide range of qualifications that are now beneficial for ALTON.

Nina Polzer

Administration - Wiesbaden
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Nina Polzer has been working for ALTON since 2014. She serves our clients at our German headquarter in Wiesbaden. Ms. Polzer is responsible, amongst others, for administrative tasks in Wiesbaden.

Silja Jormanainen

Administration - Miami
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Since 2011, Silja Jormanainen is part of ALTON at our headquarter in Miami. She is responsible for the communication with our existing customers.

Silja Jormanainen speaks fluently German, English as well as Spanish and Finnish. Apart from her expertise concerning notarial activities, she is an organizational talent and contributes considerably through her language skills.

Victoria Tubbs

Sales Tax & Accounting - Miami
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Victoria Tubbs works for ALTON headquarters in Miami to support our customers in the field of accounting and Sales Tax.

She worked for ALTON in Miami from 2011 to 2014 and returned to ALTON after a stay in Germany. Victoria Tubbs is a trained industrial clerk and trainer (AEVO) and previously worked for a renowned pharmaceutical company in Berlin as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. She brings in many years of experience in administrative and accounting areas and is fluent in German and English.

Sandra Tellez

Sales Tax Administration - Miami
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Sandra Tellez is in charge of the Sales Tax Administration at our headquarter in Miami.

She speaks perfectly German and Spanish and was working for the „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)“ (German Society for International Cooperation) for 10 years.

Nadine Gross

Sales Tax & Accounting - Miami
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Nadine Gross works for ALTON headquarters in Miami to support our customers in the field of accounting and Sales Tax.

Originally she is from Luxembourg and lives since 2015 in Miami and is with ALTON since 2021. Previous working at ALTON, she worked in the Insurance industry and has experiences in the administrative as well as accounting area. Nadine Gross speaks fluently German, English, Luxembourgish and French.