If you decide to work together with us, you will gain access to a network of experts from several different fields, who can provide you with advice and assistance:

  • Legal Advice (Corporate Law, Product Liability, Trademark Law, Tax Law, Immigration Law, Real Estate Law)
  • Tax Advice (Income Tax, Sales Tax – US and international)
  • Insurances (Business and Product Liability Insurance, Legal Protection, Workers Compensation, Automobile, Real Estate)
  • Sales Agencies (Sales concepts, Promotion, Retail Marketing, POS)
  • Marketing Agencies (Consulting & Concept, Web & Mobile, Social Media, Online-Marketing)
  • Banking in the US (Opening business bank accounts, Online Baning, Debit Card)
  • Logistics (Transatlantic, Transpacific, Intracontinental – Container, Pallett, Parcel, Mail)
  • Fulfillment Center (Warehousing, Inventory Management, Commissioning, Retour Services)