Our Business Consulting provides many of the daily tasks that await companies in the U.S.  Although important they also require a significant amount of time which could be better used for a company’s core business activities.  Other requirements may need know-how that is not currently present within your company or those human resources are limited.  In such cases, outsourcing is often the best solution.

ALTON is for this your perfect partner.

What we can do for you:

  • Corporate Consulting:  We have established ourselves successfully in the USA.  And we have helped hundreds of our clients to successfully compete in the United States and to expand and grow their business here.  In short, we know the U.S.-American market well, have the latest information which is invaluable for entrepreneurs and, therefore, can develop for any entrepreneur in any specific business area an optimal strategy for success.
  • Visa Applications and Licenses:   Like the Green Card, the Visa E1 and E2 can provide entrepreneurs and investors the key to living and working in the U.S.  We handle your visa application – a procedure we know very well – which will give you the best chance to soon hold in your hands this important key to your existence in the U.S.  And if you need licenses for your company, we can provide you with these. This is true for all documents that may be  required as a condition of your business activity in the United States.
  • Business Plan:  A good business plan paves the ways to success: it can be a convincing tool to lenders, investors and potential partners.  And when acting exclusively in Germany, the founding of limited liability companies and corporations can also convince the German tax authorities. We will create a compelling business plan without any open questions and which will show your company in its best light. Build on our economic expertise and experience.
  • We get you settled –  we make you mobile:  To relieve you of as many tasks as possible ALTON can provide  a number of other specific services as needed.   Such tasks as finding suitable office space or other commercial properties. Upon request, the entire facility to include view points of ergonomic, functional and aesthetic.  Of course all according to your wishes.  You can move into fully furnished rooms.  Need a fleet of vehicles?  ALTON is also active in this area and can fulfill this need with attention to providing inexpensive and good vehicles.
  • And we can do much more!

Which of these services are you interested in? 

Contact us without obligation and let us talk about it.

We look forward to hearing from you.