If you decide to live in the US for a limited amount of time, you will need a US “Nonimmigrant Visa (NIV)”. In an informal conversation, we explain and advise you which type of visa is the most suitable one for you. We lead you throughout the visa process and take over tasks such as the preparation and/or editing of the oftentimes required business plan. Our Visa-Serviceportfolio includes

E-VISA : For Traders and Investors

There are two types of E-VISA: the E1- and E2-Visa. The E1-Visa is intended for those who would like to set-up a trading company in the US and organize intensive trade between the US and their home country. The E2-Visa is, yet, for investors that intend to invest in already existing US-company.

Both Visa types are usually valid to up to 5 years, can be extended indefinitely and can ideally allow a permanent residency in the US. Both visa types also apply to employees.


L-VISA: Sending/Relocating Staff

A company in the US requests an employee from a closely related company in Germany. The German company sends out this employee. The employee will need a L-Visa so that he or she can live and work in the US with his or her family.

The L1-Visa type is intended for the employee himself. There are L1a- and L1b-Visa. The L1a-Visa applies to leading management positions whereas the L1b-Visa applies to highly specialized staff.

The L2-Visa is intended for close family members of the relocated employee.

B-VISA: For Long-Time Visitors

Visa applicants from countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland who travel for private or business purposes and who stay longer than 90 days, will need a B-Visa.

The B1-Visa serves business travelers and the B2-Visa is used for private travelers.


„ESTA“ is an abbreviation of „Electronic System for Travel Authorization“. German, Swiss and Austrian travelers will need an official approval for their US-trip, if they want to stay for a maximum of 90 days.

The ALTON Team would be glad to assist you with Visa applications as well as ESTA-approvals.