Without the business owner ever stepping foot on U.S. soil, a LLC or a corporation may be conducted no later than after the establishment phase. This requires an official headquarters in the U.S. and a registered agent of the company who acts as a contact for authorities in the United States.

ALTON provides this need as its clients’ official headquarters, as well as acting as their registered agent.
In this way, your U.S. company does not incur any rental or other overhead costs.  And thanks to our Office Services (depending on the package selected) you receive mail and telephone calls almost as if you were present in the United States.

As a client company’s mail is received at its U.S. headquarters, we immediately forward it to them.  And we can even set up a telephone line with U.S. telephone number where incoming calls are directly relayed to the actual business location of the client company.

With our Office Services, at all times our clients have a presence in the U.S. without even setting foot into the country!

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